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Slowly but surely, publishing companies are starting to create some outstanding book apps. Not all of which will be relevant to my classroom, but having a small child of my own, I’ve been buying many of them for his entertainment (and mine) and can see their relevance to different levels of primary school.

The Wonky Donkey was originally a picture storybook by New Zealand author Craig Smith – or perhaps it was a song first, I’m not sure. Anyway, the app is essentially the book being read by Smith himself, complete with funny kiwi accent, with the original pictures and a very small amount of interactivity. You can also flick it over so the song plays over the top of the pictures instead. What you end up with is an incredibly clever and entertaining story that will appeal to kids up to early primary age and is also quite¬†humorous¬†to parents too.

Kiwa Media have done their best putting many of their titles into the App Store and so far, I’m loving them. The Wonky Donkey sells for $9.99 which is pretty pricey when it comes to apps, but when you look at what it is you’re getting and that’s the narrated book with extra singalong, it’s decent value. I’ve definitely got my money’s worth over and over.

Recommended for the classroom? Definitely, grades prep to two, possibly three.