iPad 2

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about iPad 2 and everything it offers. The first thing I heard was negativity towards having bought the original iPad when this one is a much improved model. This kind of thing bugs me. Here’s why;

Sure, it’s an improved model, but not so drastically improved that the past six months have been a waste of time. Front/rear facing camera cool, a bit thinner alright, speed and performance improvements meh, ability to plug the iPad into the projector – ok that’s a winner. Overall though, no regrets. And I’ve got news for you, this time next year Apple will release the iPad 3. If you want to go for a swim, sooner or later you’re going to have to get wet. I love it that I had the opportunity to introduce a piece of cutting edge technology to my school. I love it that we’ve got a head-start on using iPads.

So watching Steve Jobs and his keynote the other day, do I think the new iPad holds much over the existing one? As I briefly mentioned above, the answer is no. From a domestic perspective, there’s enough to perhaps warrant the upgrade, but for the classroom, the only thing that really grabs me is the ability to plug the device into the projector. With the correct adaptor, you can now mirror everything you do on the iPad up on your interactive whiteboard. That is a brilliant feature I’d use several times a day. The camera… I hate the thought of the students waving the iPads around using them like cameras when they’re clearly not intended for that purpose. Video conferencing; Facetime, Skype etc. is cool, but I’m not using it in class. Perhaps I should be, but I’m not. If I want to go down that path, I’ll use my Macbook. The white colour is neither here nor there. Those cases though, I like them, a lot.

The current price for the ‘old’ iPad is now $449 in the Apple store. That’s $180 cheaper than when it came out. That’s a good buy right there.

So for anyone thinking they’ve been hard done by getting in on the iPad scene early, don’t be. Congrats for having the foresight to identify quality technology and for seeing that it has a place in today’s classroom. You could’ve sat on your hands and waited till it was safer, but where’s the fun in that?


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