Setting Up For A New School Year

I’ve been in at school a few days earlier in order to get the iPads all set up and ready for their new owners. This is easily the most time consuming and laborious part of the whole iPad experience, but it should only have to be done once at the start of the year.

I’ve started by removing the labels from last year’s students, then making labels for this year’s students – which in itself is a two-hour job. The Dymo labels come off fairly easily provided you peel them slowly. Just as a refresher, this is how we set up iPad allocation;

  • There are 26 iPads allocated to our grade six students, there are 108 students in total.
  • Each iPad has an ‘owner’ from each class. As the classes have 27 students and only 26 iPads, two students in each grade need to share. This allows a class to take the set and for everyone to have their own. The sharing is a bit of a nuisance, but we’ll manage.
  • The students’ names are labelled and stuck onto the back of the iPad.
  • The iPads are numbered 1-26.
  • A list of the iPads and their corresponding owners is laminated and kept with the storage cupboard for the iPads. This allows us to check to see which iPad is missing from it’s storage space and then go and find the owner/s.

There’s quite a bit of setting up involved and while it does sound pedantic and perhaps a little over-the-top, it helps things run much smoother. It’s not too dissimilar to the library borrowing system where a record exists of every book and whomever has that book borrowed out. If you don’t keep on top of these things, the system will become lazy and students will take advantage. I found last year in our mini-trial, that when the students saw a regimented system in place, they were more than happy to participate in the system.


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