I’ve just ordered some cases for the iPads and I’m expecting them to arrive any day now. I deliberated over what type of cases to get. You’ve got the silicone skins, the neoprene sleeves, the official Apple cases and the eventual winner the iPad socks. The Apple cases were never really in the running, despite being a really nice case, the price was just far too high when factoring in 26 of them, roughly $1300 total. The silicone skins I gave a bit of interest to but once those skins are on the iPad becomes really difficult to out into a case, so while they protect from bumps and most drops, they’ll be vulnerable when packed away or transported around the school.

It came down to the neoprene sleeve (sort of like wetsuit material) and the socks. The negative about cases like these is that you’ve got to remove the iPad and have it sitting naked. But three questions – how much do you trust your students? Have you not got a carpeted classroom? And how can you wrap such a beautiful piece of gear in such a way that it can’t be fully appreciated? I don’t have a problem with the kids handling the iPads, I’m confident enough in the way I’ll lay down the law so that the kids won’t be walking around with them or be carless in any way. So the socks looked far cooler and came in a range of colours therefore they won out. In total I think I paid $234. If they’re no good then I didn’t spend a truck load and it’s not the end of the world.

UPDATE: We’ve just received the socks and they’re great. Decent quality and fit my iPad snug. Whether they’re advisable or not, I’ll let you know. I can’t make that call until using them for a few weeks.


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