I’ve Got My iPad

It arrived yesterday morning. Needless to say I’m infatuated with it. There are some obvious pros and cons apparent after fifteen minutes of playing and so I’ll give you my first impressions from an educational standpoint.

The first MAJOR CON is that Google Docs doesn’t work. That’s right. It doesn’t work. Let me say it again. Google Docs doesn’t work on the iPad. It floored me. This was the cornerstone of much of what I wanted to get done on the iPad. By not having Google Docs, a lot of the functionality has been taken away. It’s an issue to be rectified on Google’s end, not Apple’s. Whether they do or not remains to be seen. It’s all politics. There are other alternatives so I’ll need to explore those now. More about this issue in another post.

As for the pros; there are many. At the very least the Internet browsing is a dream and as far as research and investigation goes, the iPad will be a godsend in the classroom. There are a mountain of apps which I will sort my way through over time and blog about. The best of the first impressions however is the responsiveness of the device. You want to use it, it’s on. You want to open up the web, it’s open. There’s no lag time, no boot up time, no logging on or off. You want it to work now, it’ll work now.

I hope I’m not speaking out of line when I say that teachers get frustrated and impatient with computers and the waiting that goes along with them. The iPad ends all of that. I can’t wait to explore this further. Stay tuned.


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